Teini Duro      

Development Program

Tieni Duro Junior Cycling Development Team is a non-profit organization focused on developing young cyclists into capable, safe, competitive racers. Our mission is to create an environment where boys and girls reach to achieve their personal best through cycling and competitive sportsmanship.

For new cyclists, Tieni Duro focuses on a 3+ year development program.

– First Year: In the first year, the primary goal is to teach safety and bike handling skills. This includes work in pace lines, and skills drills. The secondary goal is to develop the junior as a cyclist, and help them 'get their legs'. Group rides are held every Sunday morning, as well as Wednesday afternoons beginning late Spring and running through early Fall. In order to assure that new riders develop the appropriate stamina in a timely manner so as not to impact the rest of the group on Sundays, we ask that new riders commit to riding at least 2 times during the week for at least 1.5 hours per ride.

– Second Year: If the cyclist decides to continue on with the sport and develop their racing skills, the focus will be on racing as much as possible. This requires a very significant commitment from the parents as well as the Junior. At this point, the Junior should be training at least 8 hours per week. Both parents and juniors should be prepared for many early morning departures for races on the weekends.

– Third Year: In the 3rd year, training should remain at 8+ hours per week, but the focus on racing will become more directed. Riders will focus on key races to perform well together as a cohesive team and try to achieve both team-wide and individual goals.

– Fourth Year and Beyond: Tieni Duro will continue to support and help cyclists grow all the way through the junior ranks. For those that join Tieni Duro at an age of 12-14, we hope they will be with the team and continue to learn through the age of 18.

– 19 and Older: Tieni Duro is a juniors only program. As the cyclist turns 19, it is time to move on to a different team to continue their growth. Some riders will go on to ride for their collegiate team, while some will look for placement on a U23 Development team or other team. Tieni Duro is in touch with various professional and development teams and do our best to put our graduating juniors in touch with an appropriate program.