Teini Duro      

Tieni Duro Philosophy

The competitive cycling season is long. Really long.  Racing starts in late February and continues well into October. For the athletes on Tieni Duro Junior Cycling Development, this means working with their coaches on a structured plan that enables them to peak for specific events (usually 2 to 3 per year) while balancing the other aspects of their lives like academics, family, and work.

The coaching staff and management team apply a holistic approach to junior development. We believe in creating not only great athletes, but also great young people who show leadership, commitment, and honor in competitive sport, academics, and within their daily lives. 

At Tieni Duro, we believe the lessons learned from cycling are metaphors for life. These lessons include developing personal discipline on and off the bike, overcoming hardship, developing an ability to “dig deep”, and most of all sacrificing yourself to bring honor to your teammates.  In races, our boys and girls are expected to conduct themselves in ways that reflect positively on their team, their families, their sponsors, and themselves.