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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chester L. Krause, 24 books
Clifford Mishler, 17 books
Rebecca Kingsley, 14 books
Editores, 14 books
Cooksey Shugart, 13 books
Richard E. Gilbert, 11 books
Ralph M. Kovel, 10 books
Bob Huxford, 10 books
Sharon Huxford, 10 books
Alex G. Malloy, 9 books
Tom Engle, 9 books
Tom McComas, 9 books
Louise Irvine, 8 books
Don Raycraft, 8 books
Carol Raycraft, 8 books
Robert J. Sodaro, 8 books
Robert F. Lemke, 7 books
Terry Kovel, 7 books
Stewart W. Wells, 7 books
CheckerBee Publishing, 7 books
Jack Lewis, 7 books
James Tuohy, 7 books
Ralph Kovel, 6 books
Maggie Thompson, 6 books
Brent Frankenhoff, 6 books


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