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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kim Harrison, 36 books
Jonathan Valin, 9 books
D. B. Borton, 7 books
Lynn S. Hightower, 5 books
Karen Rose, 4 books
Karen Rose, 4 books
Jon Talton, 3 books
A. M. Pyle, 2 books
Mike Resnick, 2 books
Lynn Hightower, 2 books
Fiona Maazel, 2 books
Fannie Hurst, 1 book
Curtis Sittenfeld, 1 book
Curtis Sittenfeld, 1 book
Alice Hornbaker, 1 book
Jane Austen, 1 book
Craig Holden, 1 book
Dan Greenburg, 1 book
Norma Jean Lutz, 1 book
Roger Karshner, 1 book
Nicholas Hoesl, 1 book
Renate Chapman, 1 book
Nathan Singer, 1 book
Joy Fielding, 1 book
Rick Stiens, 1 book


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