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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Sharon Huxford, 36 books
Gene Florence, 34 books
Patricia R. Smith, 28 books
Bob Huxford, 26 books
Mary Frank Gaston, 20 books
Linda Crowsey, 16 books
Don Raycraft, 13 books
Mike Carwile, 13 books
Lar Hothem, 13 books
Edwards, Bill., 13 books
Cathy Florence, 12 books
Ron Stewart, 11 books
Cooksey Shugart, 11 books
Patricia R. Smith, 11 books
Jim Harran, 11 books
Bill Edwards, 11 books
Kathryn McNerney, 11 books
Collector Books, 10 books
B. J. Summers, 10 books
Margaret Whitmyer, 10 books
Steve Quertermous, 9 books
Russell Quertermous, 9 books
David Longest, 9 books
Betty Newbound, 9 books
Ann Hazelwood, 9 books

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