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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Curtis, Tony, 44 books
Judith Miller, 39 books
Marc Hudgeons, 24 books
Kyle Husfloen, 24 books
Kirsten Campbell, 22 books
Jay Bigalke, 22 books
Barbara E. Mauzy, 21 books
Mark F. Moran, 20 books
Jeffrey B. Snyder, 20 books
John Gunnell, 20 books
Patricia R. Smith, 20 books
Lyman Haynes Low, 20 books
Gene Florence, 19 books
Q. David Bowers, 19 books
Ralph M. Kovel, 17 books
L-W Book Sales (Firm), 17 books
Mary Frank Gaston, 16 books
R. S. Yeoman, 16 books
Martin Miller, 15 books
Carl F. Luckey, 15 books
House Of Collectibles, 15 books
Maggie Thompson, 15 books
Robert M. Overstreet, 15 books
Jerry Osborne, 14 books
Mackay, James A., 14 books


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