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Elaine Ebner



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Caffe Latte flavored Perpetuem

Leopard DC1, SRAM Red


Death Valley and Junior Nationals


Elaine was elected Team President of Tieni Duro in 2012.  She became involved with the team after her son Reese joined in 2007.  She is accountable to the team's Board of Directors, and as the team Chief Executive, she is responsible for the club's licenses, insurance, sponsor satisfaction, and taxes/accounting. She works with the coaching and management staff to develop long term strategies designed to help the organization expand and succeed in its' mission of growing the cycling community by getting as many kids onto bikes and training them how to ride and race effectively.  

Elaine is relatively new to cycling, her son pushed her into cycling in 2007 when he 12 years old. She wouldn't let him ride by himself so he pestered her to get a bike so he would have someone to ride with. When she began riding with the team in late 2008 she caught the cycling bug and hasn't looked back. She occasionally jumps into W4 races and rides nearly every Sunday training ride and many of the Wednesday night rides as well.    

Elaine grew up in Ohio and graduated from The Ohio State University before making her way to the west coast. She's a seasoned sales executive in the technology/media world. She is awed by the transformation of the Juniors; as they move from riders to racers, and by how much cycling contributes to creating responsible young adults.  

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