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Jason Kent



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Perpetuem, Cafe Latte and Orange Vanilla Mix

Leopard DC1, SRAM Red

Planet of the Apes

San Dimas Stage Race & Death Valley Leadership Camp (tie)


Jason is the Directeur Sportif of Tieni Duro and has served in that role for 12 years.  He is responsible for working with Management in creating annual budgets, strategic plans, and then overseeing day-to-day operations.  He is actively involved with nearly all aspects of the team, including planning travel arrangements, helping Shawn Rosenthal with the athlete's training plans, helping Rick Moale sort things out with new riders, creating race-day tactics, and setting individual and team goals.  Additionally, he oversees club activities like training rides, awards dinners, training camps, fundraisers, and off-the-bike activities too.  

Jason is a lifelong cyclist, and he continues to compete as a Cat 3 road racer and Cat 2 mountain bike XC and Downhill racer.  He travels extensively with the team and generally races the same races as many of the juniors.  Though he hated driving the old team van, he rather enjoys driving the new team van and expresses his thanks to Hammer Nutrition for their support of the team... "I'm glad that Hammer Nutrition continues to be so supportive year after year. This year they also helped us out with getting a new van. It's nice not having to worry about the van breaking down... and it doesn't even smell bad"

When not riding or racing, Jason enjoys wrenching on his highly (some say overly) modified BMW 335i, and driving it when it actually runs, eating burritos / anything chocolate, listening to music, fixing broken things, photography / digital media, and watching movies.  

Jason grew up in Lafayette and attended SF State where he studied Psychology and Computer Science.  He enjoys helping to motivate and inspire those around him to rise to their highest level.  Professionally, Jason is a Systems Engineer and IT professional working for Wells Fargo.   Jason is a born problem solver, level-headed pragmatist, and highly time-efficient person.  All of these attributes have served him well as Directeur Sportif of Tieni Duro.  

Jason explains why it all matters... "We have so much fun as a team.  The kids, the mentors, the coaches, the parents.  Seeing it all come together like this is very rewarding.  The team has achieved great results and we want to continue to be very competitive in the future.  But the shared journey is the real meaningful part for me, and I think for the Juniors, too." 

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