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Perpetuem, Cafe Latte

Ridley Helium with Campy


Criterium Tactics Clinic


Rick is a Senior Coach and has been with Tieni Duro since it was founded by Carlo Vanini.  His positive mark on the team is deep and will be everlasting.  Rick and his brother were noted National-level road and track cyclists when they were Juniors back in the 1970s, so he knows a thing or two about competing and winning.  Rick is a founding member of the Berkeley Wheelmen, now the BBC.  Rick won a lot of road and also track races back in the day.  Also, Rick took 3rd in the first-ever U.S. Cyclocross Championship held in Tilden Park in 1975, so we know he can jump logs too!  Rick comes from a long line of cyclists... his dad won many local races in the East Bay way back in the 1950s.  Yes, the fruit does not fall far from the tree.    

As a lifelong cyclist, Rick is passionate about cycling and helping others succeed on the bike and off. Rick is the living embodiment of "no better friend, no fiercer rival"... a true gentlemen that loves straight-up competition.  His sprint still packs a punch and though he no longer competes, he looks forward to riding with the team each Sunday morning.

He works with the mentors and tends to the kids on training rides.  He is especially focused on teaching the fundamentals of good technique and riding style to the new kids that join the team.  He has worked with others in the management team in developing the team's Health & Safety programs, along with passing on proper group riding etiquette. His knowledge of track racing tactics has benefited the Juniors, which has resulted in several California-state and U.S. National championships.  

Rick explains his view: "We are so lucky to live in an area with rich cycling tradition and a deep sense of community.  We have so many people wanting to help the Juniors, that I have always thought of Tieni Duro as such a great way to bring that all together.  Getting kids onto bikes and seeing them become complete hammerheads and respectful young adults is something that brings a smile to my face.” 

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