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In 2009/2010, Shawn Rosenthal joined the Tieni Duro Coaching staff.  Shawn works with the management team and other coaches to create the season-long macro strategy for the organization.  He helps organize and lead camps, clinics, and training rides.  On race day, he provides the Juniors with specific race tactics, fueling and hydration strategies, and team and individual goals. For racers competing in time trials, Shawn works closely on bike fit, body position, and technique.  He also helps the kids develop sound sprinting techniques and tactics. 

Shawn rides weekly with the Juniors and develops the periodized training plans for each of the team’s athletes.  Shawn explains: “Kids all have strengths and weaknesses, and different objectives on and off the bike.  My job is to work with each of them on a daily basis to review power data, heart rate data, and make adjustments in their training regimen in order to meet their season’s goals, all within balance of the other aspects of their lives like school, work, and family”.

As a former Tieni Duro Junior racer himself who went on to become a two-time California State U-23 TT Champion and collegiate National Team Time Trial (TTT) Champion riding for U.C. Davis (where he earned his degree in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior), he knows a thing or two about training and winning.   Shawn is young enough to really relate to the teenagers and the pressures put upon them from both internal and external factors, and his background in coaching and racing enable him to help the Juniors navigate their teenage years effectively.  Shawn has been a remarkable influence on this year’s team and deserves a lot of credit for transforming several of the kids into formidable racers.   Shawn competes as a Cat 1 and frequently travels with the team to races.  He is currently a certified USAC cycling coach.  More information about Shawn can be found at www.provantagesports.com

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