Teini Duro      

Drew Levitt







Years Racing:





6' 5"

185 lbs



All-Arounder, race strategy


I was first introduced to cycling at 9 years old when my mom took me on a local charity ride. It was about 10 miles up the longest climb in the area and I remember it being unbelievably hard (since I was a little kid on a heavy mountain bike!) but it was one of the most exciting things I'd ever done. From that point on I found myself wanting to get better gear and ride more often. I got my first road bike and was adopted by the local Montclair Velorapters club. Then I learned about Tieni Duro junior cycling. In my 4+ years with the club, Jason and the team have really helped me learn the sport of cycling -- group riding skills, racing strategy, and how to properly train to increase my strength and endurance to better compete.

My Tieni Duro coaches and great teammates have taught me the exciting and competitive world of bike racing. In addition to improving in physical condition, the team has helped me learn the mental aspects of racing, how to plan race strategy, stay calm and focused, and react to changing conditions in the race. With a good foundation under me, I’m ready to excel in all aspects of this sport. With the help and encouragement of coaches Jason, Rick, and Lance, I'm continuing to improve my skills and look forward to another great year with the club!

2016 Team

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Micah Ancell
Eugene Binunsky
Toby Bodden
Fraser Burch
Hanna Catalano
Saul Chaplin
Finn Cunningham
Grace Cunningham
Ian Dickson
Jake Drummond
Jason Frost
Drew Levitt
Ashton Lyle
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