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Fraser Burch







Years Racing:





5' 10"

153 lbs



Mountain Biking


I have been mountain biking since I was about 6, and road biking for a year. Needless to say I'm most comfortable on the mountain bike, but that is slowly changing. I was watching The 2015 Tour de France and got super excited to try the road bike out. That was my inspiration for joining Tiene Duro in August of 2015. It's been a pleasure ever since the day I joined. Wednesday rides aren't my favorite because of Mt. Diablo, which just so happens to be in the way every single Wednesday. I much prefer the Sunday rides because they're generally twice as long without so much climbing.

Being with the team opens up so many new doors, like Encina Bike’s door which you'll be opening a lot with the 30% discount. Just kidding. I've met so many new people and great young racers who I aspire to be like if I ever get fit enough to compete with them. Not only this but the size of the cycling community is so much larger than I had ever anticipated. Tieni Duro is such a great community in itself with riders of all ages, and skill level.

I hope to start racing relatively soon as I am feeling stronger each ride I do with the team.
Hold on! Tieni Duro!

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