Teini Duro      

Ian Dickson






Years Racing:





5' 9"




Climbing, TTs


IMy interest in road biking first began after finding an abandoned old road bike in a parking lot. A week had passed without the bike being touched so I brought it home, only to find out I must return it to the police station. 6 months later, without anyone claiming the bike, I received it, riding the heavy steel thing up whatever steep hill I could find in the Oakland Hills. One day while riding, I met another rider who told me about Tieni Duro Junior Cycling. That summer I joined the team.

For the past three years, I have had the opportunity to have some incredible experiences through this team. By competing with teammates in Death Valley, racing in Washington, and learning important lessons in both cycling and in life, I have improved as a person on and off the bike. I'm happy to be part of such a team and look forward to one more year.


2016 Team

Kylie Alfaro
Micah Ancell
Eugene Binunsky
Toby Bodden
Fraser Burch
Hanna Catalano
Saul Chaplin
Finn Cunningham
Grace Cunningham
Ian Dickson
Jake Drummond
Jason Frost
Drew Levitt
Ashton Lyle
Stefan Miller
Kenny Oei
Orion Pohl
Hans Poulsen
Mathew Schnaider
Leonard Schummer
Felix Silbelus
Chris Stearns
Lane Sturgeon
Carter Supple
Conner Talbot