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I got into cycling when I went to visit my cousins, who are big cyclists, two years ago. One of the days I was visiting they took me to their local velodrome to try it out, I was naturally good at it, so it got me hooked. That same year I started going to the Hellyer Velodrome down in San Jose, and attending Jr training sessions every month. The next year I did the same Jr training sessions at the velodrome plus the beginner training sessions. Later that year I wanted to start racing at the velodrome, the first race I ever did was the Wednesday night race series, I didn't do very well but that only made me want to train harder. When district championships in 2015 came around I entered and it resulted in me doing ok. That same year I visited my cousins again, one of the days I was vising they invited me to go on a road bike training ride with their team. I really enjoyed that training ride so I decided to look for a team near me when I returned home. I found Tieni Duro and contacted Jason and asked about what rides they did, later that month I went on my first Sunday training ride. I stared riding and training with Tieni Duro in the late 2015 season. The next year I decided to start racing road. I've been racing for almost a year now with Tieni Duro and I have become a stronger and more proficient rider. I really enjoy rides with the team because they have always encouraged me to ride harder and better.


2016 Team

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