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Troy Strickland







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I was first introduced to cycling by riding with my mom and brother after a few years my brother was introduced to competitive cycling and after a couple of years I followed in his foot steps. I have been racing bikes for the last 4 years and next year will be my 5th. This will be my 2nd year racing for Tieni Duro and if it is anything like last year it will be the greatest experience and the most fun racing I have ever had. I used to think that racing was all about individual strength but working with a team has showed me that racing is much more about teamwork and having fun.

2014 Team

Kylie Alfaro
Micah Ancell
Eugene Binunsky
Toby Bodden
Fraser Burch
Hanna Catalano
Saul Chaplin
Finn Cunningham
Grace Cunningham
Ian Dickson
Jake Drummond
Jason Frost
Drew Levitt
Ashton Lyle
Stefan Miller
Kenny Oei
Orion Pohl
Hans Poulsen
Mathew Schnaider
Leonard Schummer
Felix Silbelus
Chris Stearns
Lane Sturgeon
Carter Supple
Conner Talbot