Teini Duro      

Congratulations to our soon to be 2016 Tieni Duro Graduates Drew Levitt and Ashton Lyle!
Drew will be attending the University of Colorado, Boulder in the fall.

Ashton will be a Senior in High School during the 2017 season and has committed helping with our team as a mentor in 2017. Thank you Ashton!

Thank you Drew and Ashton for the contributions you have have made to the team over the years!


Tieni Duro claims six State Championship titles in 2016

Grace Cunningham - Jr. Girls 13/14 Road Race
Finn Cunningham - Jr. 15/16 Road Race
Jason Frost - Jr. 17/18 Road Race
Drew Levitt - Jr. 17/18 Time Trial
Leonard Schummer - Jr. 15/16 Crit
Drew Levitt - Jr. 17/18 Crit.



The grassroots division of Tieni Duro is proud to have signed up eight new riders this year.


Tieni Duro turned 16 in 2016. We are one of the longest standing Junior Cycling Teams in the U.S. and proud of the many graduates of our program. A huge thanks to all of our sponsors below for your continued support.